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In the style of popular SFF, preferred stories are fast paced, have a beginning hook, and are short enough to finish in a session but long enough for character development. Focus on a person or two, their key memories, their motives. Genre varies but all have a lot of events happening in a few words to the backdrop of a city, any city of your imagination. Bonus if mentioning climate change!

Alternate history, modern day, speculative, far future, just be creative. To look into the future requires imagination, risk, but also a grounding knowledge of the mistakes of the past. To be realistic about plausible futures, we shy away from uploading, aliens, and global revolutions. Write what is yours to tell (#ownvoices). There is no tolerance for hate speech.

Rates + Rights

Honorarium of 100$CAD for fiction over 900 words. Reprints at 50$CAD flat. Payment in gift card format for internationals recipients.

We ask for first world English rights, or reprint rights.

Please read the publishing licence here before you submit.

Longer length stories up to 10k words are favored so go and really develop the characters, the setting. If the story goes over, don’t worry, we’ll figure something out.

Email your file to:
Include a short bio about yourself, your time zone, and if comfortable, an intersectional identity. If the story’s a reprint, please give information about the previous publication. Standard manuscript format in Word, Open Office, and RTF files are good; only use PDF for special formatting needs.

Please query if you haven’t heard back 3 months after submission. Rejections will be sent within 3 months, with feedback for stories we really like. No simultaneous submissions. Yes multiple submissions.

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